Muscular Dystrophy Papers

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Muscular dystrophy is genetic disorder that is caused by a mutation in the genes, causing muscle mass to become weaker and degenerated. This is a consequence on the genes with mutation that have a missing protein responsible for muscle health. There are over forty types of muscular dystrophy and each varies in characteristics and severity. Duchenne muscular dystrophy is the most common type and only boys are affected by it. Characteristics can vary depending on the type of muscular dystrophy, different types of muscles can be affected, severity may vary, as well as when and at what point of an individual’s life these symptoms will manifest. Other symptoms such as frequent falls, difficulty with motor skills such as running, painful muscles, …show more content…
Some medications can be prescribed to help with muscle strength, and to help slow down muscle loss. There are also specific types of medication to help address the condition when it affects heart or lung muscles. Therapy and hydrogymnastics are also recommended to help with specific movements, muscles, strengthening, joint pain, and flexibility. Crutches, walkers, braces, canes, walkers and wheelchairs can be used to help with mobility.
It’s commons for students with muscular dystrophy to have a learning disability, as the disorder may affect behavior and cognitive development. They may also display difficulty with their memory, emotional skills and withholding attention. This might make students with muscular dystrophy eligible for services even before being diagnosed with the disorder if they start to display difficulty in certain areas at school. If the student is identified to have a learning disability, services and early intervention can be put into
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The teacher may want to have in her classroom a variety of sources when working on a specific topic, this way the student can have access to the style that he or she works best with. Encourage class participation and provide frequent opportunity to work with other peers. Allow the student to select a specific method to work on projects or homework, in order to help increase the student’s interest and to ease the learning experience. The student may prefer to create a PowerPoint presentation over a poster for instance. The teacher should include a variety of teaching method and also create engaging and interesting activities for the classroom. If the student misses school due the disorder, the teacher should work with the student to help bridge any gaps and minimize the number of homework expected to be turned

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