Essay on Accident Accidents Caused By Car Accidents

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“A 16-year-old girl was killed during her first drive alone when she veered in front of an oncoming tractor trailer while she sent a text”(“Tragedy” 1). This was stated on the Daily Mall newspaper about a girl named Savannah Nash. Despite being sad and gruesome, accidents like this happen every day.
The amount of deaths caused by car accidents in Ga for 2013 was 1,179. That three deaths a day or twenty-two a week. These statistics show that in the course of five years 5,895 people would die. According to Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, 376 of those deaths were caused by being unrestrained in the vehicle. 297 were caused by drunk-drivers and 197 were caused by speeding. This isn’t taking all of the injuries into account but just the most obvious causes of accidents, not including motorcyclist or pedestrian fatalities. When it comes to car accident fatalities and children Shane’s Law Office states “Car accidents are the leading cause of death and injury to children” more so then deaths causes by violence or heath related issues. If the people in Georgia had more road awareness, the amount of fatalities would decrease, making the Georgian roads safer. The question that comes to mind when seeing these statistics on car accident fatalities is how many of them could have been prevented? And if possible, what methods would be used to do so? Well, the purpose of this paper is to indicate the changes that would be made and how to try to change them. This will be…

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