Diversity And Discard Bullying

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Colleen Pia

15 September 2017
Essay 1
Audience: Teachers
Accept Diversity and Discard Bullying Most people believe that bullying only effects the victim, but in fact bullying effects a variety of different people. Both bystanders, the people being bullied, and the bully are all negatively impacted by the act of bullying (“Effects of Bullying”). Many schools around the globe have the common issue of bullying. We constantly see many students that have been bullied resort to hurting themselves or they become depressed. Students are taught from a young age about diversity. Focusing on differences and diversity so early in their lives may lead to these children critiquing others based on their differences. This is known as bullying. Children
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What they are taught and how it is taught to them effect how their morals, beliefs, and attitude will be when they are older. If teachers start to express to students at a young age not to focus so much on how different we are, but instead show us that besides our differences we are all the similar, student would grow up to not make fun of others for being diverse. Instead of having teachers explain to little kids about different races, ethnicities, and religious beliefs, teachers should teach students to accept someone else’s differences because we are all human and we all have equal rights. A great example of this would be teaching children that besides their variances they are all born in the same country. In the United States of America there are many different races, ethnicities and religious beliefs, yet we focus on one unity to bond us …show more content…
Teachers should have activities in which the teacher assigns the children’s partners instead of letting the kids pick who they will work with and change these groups periodically. This will give many children the chance to talk to people they otherwise would have not, and make friends who are unalike them. Many students tend to form cliques with other children who act, look, or believe the same as they do. This causes other children to be excluded from certain groups or just left out altogether, which is another form of bullying. By having the teacher choose the students groups this can make sure that nobody gets left out. It also ensures that every child gets to work with each other. This will help the children be introduced to many other students who are not like them, but they will get to share what they have in common, creating bonds between everyone. This will lead to children getting out of their comfort zone and learning children of the opposite race or with differing beliefs than them are also similar and should not be made fun of because they could be virtuous

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