Acc 546 Week 2 Essay

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To: Apollo Shoes Board of Directors, Audit Committee
From: Joe Gish, CPA
RE: Audit Introductory Letter

Gentlemen and Ladies:

It is with great pleasure that our firm, JK CPA will be conducting the annual audit of Apollo Shoes. This is a tremendous responsibility that JK CPA will undertake in being the auditors for your prestigious firm. Over the next two months, we will conduct various tests of the accounts to determine within reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free from material misstatements. Within two weeks we will send out exactly what we need from the accounting and internal audit department. This way, we want this audit to be as smooth as possible.
In addition, we will also send out a detailed
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Our procedures will include testing of your accounts, not limited to: receiving confirmation from clients and vendors, on site inventory testing, testing computer internal controls, and detecting risk involved in our audit. We will provide you with skilled, licensed professionals with a minimum of two years auditing the field that they will be assigned to. Subsequent to receiving the requested documents, it is the auditors discretion how many accounts to test or to determine the risk that is inherent in the aforesaid accounts. If the audit is somewhat delayed, a prompt, detailed letter will be sent to the audit committee describing the conditions that arose to cause the delay. Before the auditors come on site, we will obtain an understanding of your internal controls, which will aid us in completing this audit in a timely fashion not to deter any of your day to day activities. JK CPA is not responsible for locating any deficiencies that are in your internal control; just if we discover them JK CPA will report any deficiencies to you. This audit is not designed to audit your internal controls, just your financial statements. Your Sarbanes Oxley Internal Control audit will thoroughly examine your internal controls. Apollo Shoes is solely responsible for adopting sound financial procedures; this is not the responsibility of JK CPA. As a reminder, JK CPA is engaged to

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