Academic Success Is An Important Part Of Being A College Student

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The ability to engage in behaviors that lead to academic success is an important part of being a college student. Six female undergraduate students at Grand Valley State University developed experiments to aid their study habits through targeting six different behaviors which would help them have a successful semester. The experimental designs used included: ABAB, changing criterion, and ABAC. The six participants used variations of positive reinforcement, positive punishment or negative punishment in order to change their target behavior. The experimental designs were deliberately chosen in relation to each participant 's target behavior. While not every study was successful in modifying pro-academic behaviors, the literature reviewed by the students prior to the start of their experiment proved the ability for school-related habits to be modified. The limitations of the study and the opportunity to improve future related studies were explored and discussed after each experiment was completed.

As busy college students, it is sometimes difficult to engage in behaviors that cultivate academic success, especially with the presence of other distracting reinforcers. Many college students struggle to find the balance between their academic responsibilities, work commitments, extracurriculars, and social events. Multiple studies have shown that behavior modification techniques can be successful in increasing academic performance. There is also a high success in using…

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