Academic Plagiarism - Academic Dishonesty Essay

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Academic Dishonesty

In technically terms I have been academically dishonest on numerous occasions. Most of these being in high school. These instances have been mostly within my group of friends who are pressured by our parents to do as best we can in school. Our group had different specialties in which people would say we were complete “nerds” in. Since we were in similar classes and had our different specialties we would use each other as resources while doing assignments. Sometimes it was as simple as asking a question. But, sometimes we would copy certain questions off of each other in different subjects. This would be known as academic dishonestly. Though our group were considered very good kids and we were all well known and liked with our teachers. I honestly don’t think our teachers would have reported us if they caught us copying off of each other. There was a time that we were caught and that teacher thought nothing of it. The teacher thought we were just collaborating and thought of it as fine. These were mostly my instances of academic dishonest, but there was one other time where I did knowingly cheat to get a better grade.
In my 10th Grade year I was taking AP United States History were our class was very rigorous. Our test would consist of sixty multiple choice questions in which we had to answer in forty seven minutes. Only about half of these questions where those simple run of the mile questions that is more memorization than anything else. But, it was…

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