Academic Integrity, Professional Conduct And Competence Essay

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You will describe the expectations for academic integrity, professional conduct and competence as found in Walden University’s Student Handbook.
Walden University’s mission includes comprehensive entre to an excellent education through an online environment and the preparation of its graduates to attain qualified distinction and to implement positive social change. Consistent with this mission, the PhD in Psychology program is designed to prepare scholar-practitioners to meet real-world challenges and facilitate positive change in individuals, groups, organizations, and local, national, and global communities (Walden University, n.d.).
According Walden University (2013) “the Academic Integrity and Student Affairs unit provides interpretation and clarification of the student responsibilities associated with the Code of Conduct”. Walden University focus on the components on academic integrity not only for their students but towards their faculty members as well. Falsifying information goes against the conduct and not providing academic integrity. According to Fisher (2009) one should “generate ethical alternatives and evaluate each alternative in terms of moral theories, general principles, and ethical standards”. Walden University states they one can be dismissed or suspended due to these actions, as a consequence for not abiding the code of conduct.You will describe the expectations for integrity, professional conduct and competence as found in the Ethical Principles…

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