Academic Ethics And Academic Integrity Essay

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Academic honesty is the use of ones owns thoughts and materials in a piece or writing, test taking, or other educational activities. Academic Integrity is often put to trial with student athletes. However, because of a history of problems associated with college sports, campuses had to develop policies and consequences for a failure to abide to academic honesty. “Since 1990, the Division I Committee on Infractions has found violations of this bylaw in 23 major infractions cases” (McCaw 2012). Student athlete expectations are to exceed on the field and in the books. With limited time many athletes will resort to finding an easier way to do so. Examples of academic dishonesty, are the dissemination of quiz answers to student athletes who are in critical need of passing a class to be eligible to play. Academic Integrity requires a student to be honest and responsible in obeying rules of the school and taking personal pride in their academics.
Depending on one’s definition of academic dishonesty in The Journal of Higher Education, “Studies report that anywhere from 13 to 95 percent of college students engage in some form of academic dishonesty” (McCabe & Trevino, 1993). Studies have also shown that each individual differs in their reason for cheating, such as gender, grade point average, competitive achievement and self esteem. Understanding and accepting academic integrity policies is the first step in preventing academic dishonesty within a university. Student athletes must…

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