Analysis Of The University Of St. George Basketball Team

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We, the university of St. George basketball team staff need a change. We need to get rid of the players that plague our program, in order to recruit quality athletes that will affect our program ethically more than athletically. We have dominated division IV basketball for many years, however overachieving athletes that underachieve academically, ethically and morally have been the reason for our athletic success. Our players have been punks. That is not what this outstanding university was founded on. Our motto since the schools inauguration in 1911 has been and is “Veritatem cognoscetis et veritas te liberbabit” translated from Latin: “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. This profound apothegm has been at the bottom …show more content…
Although doing this makes me, and I am sure all of you as recruiters want to vomit, we need to remind ourselves that basketball championships are not important to our basketball team. By doing this we will be provided the strength we need to overcome the gags and achieve our goals of being set free. As mentioned before, Kyle was on the varsity basketball team as a freshman. He did not play in many of the games, but had a great preparatory year learning, growing and developing for the next year, his sophomore season, where his talents on the basketball court would be needed desperately. Kyle did however do many great things in the lower level games, leading both the freshman and junior varsity teams in …show more content…
He was still one of the leaders of the team, however he did not seem to live up to the potential he had as an underclassman. He averaged a shade under seven points per game and only tallied a few rebounds and assists per game as well. He did however manage to lead as the game high scorer with seventeen points in the first round of the Utah state tournament. Although he did not have the type of season a typical recruit of ours would have, it has been three years since his last season as a high school basketball player. This time could have possibly allotted the opportunity for the knee to heal properly and given Kyle the chance to grow stronger and faster.
The athletic background we were able to find on Kyle was vast and detailed. He is a decent athlete. However if he is the right type of person we are looking for to help change the culture of our basketball program, the shortcomings in his talents on the court will be dramatically overshadowed by his abilities off the court. We will now go through Kyle’s social Media sites and try to continue searching for other events in Kyle’s life that will tell us the more important

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