Academic English : Necessary For Success Essay

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Academic English: Necessary for success

Even though other variety of English are more expressive, Only Academic English should be allowed in universities because it makes writings to the point and does not stray from the original purpose of the writing as Academic English consists of a specific vocabulary and grammar. Academic English provides a set of ground rules which enables the individual to make their ideas accurate and precise. The range of students in a university includes local and international students, many having English as their second language. As a result some students may have difficulties in expressing their opinions. This is where Academic English comes in and rectifies the problem by providing a standard platform to all students enabling them to convey their ideas eliminating any forms of misinterpretation which other varieties of English could cause.
Academic English provides us with a set of instructions that help make our writings more accurate and conclusive. It consists of a specific vocabulary enabling the writer to make his/her writings definitive. The vocabulary of Academic English is like the foundation of a building. “...while without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed”. (Wilkins, 1972, pp. 111-112). Having a sophisticated vocabulary allows the writer to have a rich variety of words to choose from allowing them to address their topic without straying from what they want to convey in their essay.…

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