Abraham Lincoln: One Of America's Greatest President

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The United States has had a total of forty-three presidents, but one man stands out as the greatest. Although Abraham Lincoln had a rough childhood, he became one of America’s greatest presidents, through his leadership and dedication to obtaining freedom for all. Not only did Lincoln have a rough childhood, but he had a rough life. From the time Lincoln’s mother died when he was just nine years, or the many political races Lincoln lost before being elected president. Lincoln was always the underdog. He learned how to take the punches in life, and get back on his feet stronger than ever. That 's the same attitude Lincoln took to his presidency, there was nothing that could be thrown at him, that he couldn 't handle.
During Lincoln’s life,
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One major impact was the fact that he saved and recreated the Union from being split into two separate countries. Many historians say that this task could not have been done with any other president in office. “Lincoln left the nation a more perfect Union and thereby earning the admiration of most Americans as the country’s greatest President” (Burlingame 1). He had a difficult task, to keep the nation intact, from the moment he stepped into office.. When Lincoln was elected president seven states had already succeeded, and four more states would follow. If it was not for Lincoln this country would still be divided into two, the north and the …show more content…
Before his death, much power was given to each state to allow them to make their own decisions. After his death the power was shifted, allowing the national government to have more power over each state. In summary, “ Eleven of the first twelve amendments to the constitution limited the powers of the national government; after 1865, six of the next seven amendments expanded those powers, always with a lesser governing role for the states” (McGovern 153). Perhaps we saw this shift because of the eleven states that succeeded during the Civil War. The government felt like those states did not have the right to succeed because they were under the law of the United States of America by their signing of the Constitution. During Lincoln’s time as president. and for much time after, he opened the eyes of many people to the negatives in the United

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