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Avon in Global Market in 2009: Managing and Developing a Global Workforce
1. Referring to this chapter and chapter 9, evaluate Avon’s Strategic International Human Resources practice in global market regarding development of a global management cadre, HCNs, and building company associates and independent representatives in host countries.
I believe Avon is very successful in its international human resources management in global market. First of all, Avon’s first female CEO took charge of company and implemented efficient policies to make the company get out of debt problem and sluggish sales problem. Secondly, Avon also focus on international market. They hire millions local door-to-door representatives who know well about local
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They know better about their culture and local economic, social situations. Training will help improve the global view and work ability of their workforce. 2) Improve the transnational management skills, such as sending expatriates to diverse countries to help Avon set up business and gather local information for company’s further use. 3) Avon need prepare to deal with market pre-entre and post-entry issues. They need to do more research about local market’s culture and other environmental factors.
4. Avon’s future global expansion is contingent on hiring and retaining the best workforce and salespeople in the global market. What training and cross-cultural practices would you recommend to the company to deal with this area?
Avon should focus train its employers in culture sensitiveness, motivation and loyalty, ethical standards, customer relationship building and organizational skills. Avon can do it by: 1) set up seminar on a regular base. 2) Virtual class. Because Avon has millions of workforce all around the world, it’s not easy to Avon to control every singe details on its operation, thus, Avon also need to train their workforce with ability to solve the particular problems by themselves and be loyal to the company.
5. China is expected to be a major market for Avon. If you were to advise Avon, how would you develop a competitive IHR plan for the company?
1) Send an expatriate manager team to China to set up the basis of Avon

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