Essay about Abortion Views On North America And China

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Abortion views in North America and China For women in America, abortion is mostly a matter of personal choice; however, for Chinese women, it is driven by country policy. Everyone might know what abortion is but they clearly go about it differentially throughout multiple countries, but China has the highest rate of abortions.

In America, women have many reasons for getting their abortions. For example, in America a twenty-year-old woman can always keep her baby, or she might feel like she is not ready and will have an abortion. On the other hand, are usually forced to have an abortion due to government policy. In this country, women are often forced to get rid of their babies regardless of their own opinions because it does not fit the social norm. Both American and Chinese women do believe in abortion but have different reasons for getting them. Some reasons are financial resources, government population rules, and family reason. A large percentage, of most American women decide upon abortion do to financial reasons. For example, they could be in the percentage of homeless women or they do not have a stable income. Meaning that they cannot work and still have the ability to care for a dependent at the same time. This being like there job is very unstable and they are just working day by day to make just ends meet, an there is no possible way they could take care of the child. During this most…

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