Abortion Should Not Be Held As An Illegal Act Essay

1320 Words Nov 30th, 2015 6 Pages
Her Choice Imagine if your right to speak was ripped from you, or your right to choose who you wanted to be with was done for you, or your right to choose who you are was snatched from your control. Taking those away is taking away basic human rights. So how is telling a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body, not in the same realm as the other so called basic human rights? I believe abortion should not be held as an illegal act, and that we should provide women the right to their own bodies. First off, because women should have the right to their own bodies, it should be her choice whether or not to abort. You would be forcing a woman to undergo nine months of being uncomfortable and being in constant pain just to then turn around and have to endure an intense and painful labor for a baby she doesn’t even want. Please tell me how that is not cruel and inhumane. Just because there are ignorant people out there who think a woman can survive raising a baby, in which they have no insight into the situation, doesn’t justify that abortion needs to be banned. Telling a woman she isn’t allowed to have an abortion is rejecting her choosing, and implementing that the government and protestors know what is best for her. She has the right to control what is hers, and wow oddly enough her body belongs to her. Secondly, a lot of people argue that women could choose adoption rather than to abort, but yet again as a society we have to provide women with that choice. Yet,…

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