Abortion Should Be Illegal Essay

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Abortion should be illegal because it should be the government who should be protecting the right to life.The government is in charge of making laws to protect the most basic human rights and our values. Abortion contradicts the purpose of those laws. Civil rights are violated when people are deprived of their basic rights in a biased way. Unborn children have the most basic right of all taken away, simply based on their location (their mother’s womb) and their developmental status. (Brown 6). The right of life is taken away the moment the mother decides she will not go through with her pregnancy. Brown states “In addition to the Federal Act, 38 US states have separate fetal homicide laws. The laws of 23 of those states protect the fetus from …show more content…
Adoption is one of the more safer and better options out there. Abortion promises to solve all the problems at once. So there is so much pressure on women to choose abortion, rather than choosing adoption or parenting (O’Bannon 6). Instead of aborting the baby for financial issues you could give up the child for adoption. Women who abort for financial issues or living environment don 't take into consideration adoption because they have a mindset that it’s the only way out and maybe they are afraid they can 't afford to put the baby up for adoption. There is no cost to the mother if she chooses adoption. In fact, all pregnancy-related expenses are paid for by the adoptive family, which often include medical care and the living expenses. Abortions can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on your stage of pregnancy(O’Bannon 5). Not only is adoption free, but you may also have the option to be in touch with the child and be involved how much you want to be in their life. O’Bannon writes “Adoption affirms the unborn child’s right to life, allowing each baby to enter the world as a blessing for another family. Adopted children do well in school and show high levels of self-esteem, optimism,social competency, and feelings of security. They are less likely to be depressed, use alcohol, and engage in violence,theft,group fighting, and use weapons” (Adoption: a better alternative 4). By choosing adoption, you give adoptive parents who may otherwise have no opportunity a chance at becoming parents have what they most want, a child. And the mother has better chance of moving on from that difficult time in her life (O’Bannon 4). Therefore abortion should be illegal because adoption is clearly a better and realistic alternative than ending an innocent

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