Abortion Opinions

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For this paper I will be arguing my views and opinions about abortion. Abortion is one thing I am strongly against. It is taking a baby’s life that doesn’t even get a say in if they live or not. Nobody should be able to have an abortion, if they don’t want the kid then they should just put it up for adoption or take the certain measures to make sure they don’t get pregnant in the first place. There are a lot of factors that go with abortion.
Not all women that are pregnant and don’t want the baby get abortions. One reason some women get abortions is because they were rapped and can’t stand the fact that a “ monster baby” is growing inside them. Another reason sometimes is that they can’t afford to take care of the baby. If you can’t afford to take care of it then set it up for adoption so that the baby can have a chance at a good
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The woman can decide to give the baby up for adoption. If the woman does that then she has to try to find a good family to give her child to. That would be the best choice if the woman doesn’t want a kid quite yet. She could also just decide to keep the child and raise it even if there will be times when things get hard. Maybe a relative will step in and raise the child as if the child was their own. Not many people think about all the choices they have before they turn to abortion.
There are some places in the world where women that choose to get an abortion get punished if somebody finds out. Some women even get killed for having an abortion. It isn’t illegal anywhere but some places have religious or ethical views that are against abortion. Some women across the world have to really secretive about what they are doing so that they don’t end up getting killed. But there are some places that if the woman isn’t married and gets pregnant, the woman will get punished for it so they try to either hide it or they choose to get an abortion so that they don’t get

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