Abortion Is The United States Have Split Opinions On Abortion

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Abortion is Okay The United States have had split opinions on abortion forever. Today, only about 35 percent of Americans are pro-life, while about 51 percent are pro-choice (Gallup). Abortion is currently legal in all 50 states, which is a good start. However, some women are still denied abortions for various reasons. In many cases where this happens, the person carrying the fetus will take things into their own hands. This, of course, is very dangerous. There are multiple ways of going about a self induced abortion. The safest way would be over the counter medications, which are normally easy to access. This, however, is not always possible. In this situation, a woman may choose a more risky option. The most recognizable one would be with a coat hanger. The coat hanger is commonly used as a symbol against the pro-life movement, illustrating dangers of barring state-condoned abortion (Strode). This involves insertion of the hanger (or a similar object) into the uterus through the cervix in attempt to completely remove the fetus. If done wrong, this can severely damage the fetus and the carrier. Making abortion available in every situation would definitely lower the number of people attempting self induced abortions. The argument most commonly used by people on the pro-life side is that abortion is murder. This is incorrect. Life does not begin at conception. During the first trimester of a pregnancy, the embryo is no more conscious that a kidney or a spleen (Head). A…

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