Abortion Is The Termination Of Pregnancy Essay

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Abortion is the termination of pregnancy. Many women or couples decide to abort for many different reasons. When a woman come to this decision they usually have three different methods to choose from. This method used typically depends on how far the fetus is developed, or in other words what trimester the women is in. The three-abortion classification are surgical, medical, and spontaneous. This paper will analysis these three methods, briefly, and some of the side effects abortion could have on women. It will also try to provides some alternatives other than abortion and other ways to prevent pregnancy. To begin with, a surgical abortion involves an invasive procedure. There are a few ways this abortion method is exercised. The suction aspiration is basically the concept and the Dilation and curettage procedure (D&C) is one of many ways this concept is exercise. The D&C is usually used in the first trimester of pregnancy. This procedure is exhibit by a suction hose that works like a vacuum and it has a very sharp end. It is then inserted into the mother’s womb where it sucks the baby out of the uterus. This procedure is usually done during the first 5 to 11 weeks of pregnancy. The other similar procedures that can be done is when the mother is in her second and third trimester and the fetus more developed. At this point the surgical procedure become more invasive then the first trimester procedure. The dilation and extraction (D&X or the partial- birth) abortion can be…

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