Essay about Abortion Is The Termination Of A Pregnancy

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Would you want someone else having the power to decide whether you live or die? Would you want your life to end before it starts? Abortion does just that. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy, so the baby is not born. Both sides of this topic can be taken to the extreme. Some people believe women have a right to their own body and they are correct, but the child also has a right to at least have the chance to live a long, wholesome life. Abortions end lives, cause the fetuses pain, and leave lasting psychological damage on the would-have-been mothers, therefore, abortion should be illegal. Many people commit abortion without thinking of the fetus as a child. They keep emotions out of the equation, but fetuses grow up to be real people. One mother, while performing missionary work in the Philippines, contracted a life-threatening disease. Doctors believed the baby would be stillborn and suggested abortion because the pregnancy was increasing the severity of her health. The mother’s name was Pam Tebow, she chose to take her chances and let the fetus live, thus, giving birth to Tim Tebow. He was born perfectly healthy and went on to become a famous athlete and role model to many (Nance). Humans can never predict if that fetus could cure cancer or solve world hunger. Some of the most unlikely people are the ones who go on to make a huge impact. The unborn child has a basic human right to life. There are measures being taken in some states legal systems to make abortion…

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