Essay Abortion Is The Plan B Pill

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Another debate related to abortion is the plan b pill. People argue how and to whom it should be available. Marjorie Signer argues that it should be available over the counter. It is safe and effective but must be used within 72 hours. That is why it is important for it to be available over the counter rather than with a prescription. Not everyone has a doctor and health insurance available. It is also commonly used in cases of sexual assault. Rep. Dave Weldon, M.D, R-Fla. is against the pill being available over the counter. He claims that it could have harmful side effects and being available over the counter, people would be more unaware and uninformed of the harmfulness. He says that teen pregnancy rates are at an all time low but that it is due to abstinence education rather than contraception pills. A study showed that a great number of women are treated annually for complications due to abortions. 6.9 million to be exact. Data from many different countries was collected and the results showed that there is a high number of women treated for complications related to abortions.. In countries where abortion is illegal unsafe procedures are used that often result in these complications. The numbers may not be completely accurate since many women do not seek treatment. In some countries the healthcare budget is already stretched and treatments for abortion A debate surrounding abortion is when can a fetus feel pain. If the fetus could in fact feel pain before the 24th week…

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