Abortion Is The Moral Equivalent Of Killing An Adult Human Essay

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In his paper ““Why Abortion is Immoral” Don Marquis explains that abortion is the moral equivalent of killing an adult human. Marquis ' argument is fairly straight-forward; abortion is seriously morally wrong because abortion involves killing. Marquis then explains that it is wrong to kill because killing robs a being of a natural property which is of great, if not the greatest, value. This he defines as the property of having a future. To be killed "deprives one of all the experiences, activities, projects, and enjoyments that would otherwise have constituted one 's future”. Therefore, according to Marquis, killing is wrong primarily because it imposes the greatest possible loss on the victim; the loss of one’s future.
Marquis argues that there are fundamental points why his definition explains the wrongness of killing. For example, Marquis states that his view accounts for the human belief that murder is one of the most heinous of all crimes. He also attempts to apply it to attitudes that the terminally ill have toward their impending deaths and helps explain why euthanasia is sometimes permissible. Another purpose of Marquis explaining how the killing of an adult human is morally wrong is to then apply his reasoning to abortion.
Marquis summarizes the opposing abortion arguments by suggesting that anti-abortion and pro-choice philosophies each balanced by merits and weaknesses. For instance, whereas the anti-abortion camp argues that fetuses exhibit many of the…

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