Abortion Is Not Safe Or Unsafe Essay

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Over many period of years countless abortion has been done whether it is safe or unsafe. Women choose to do abortion for various different reasons. According to research, some women went through abortion so that their self esteem could be improved. At the same time, research has also shown that even though women who went through abortion have higher self-esteem for a short period of time, they usually end up regretting their choice. Research has also shown that abortion can lead to death. Does abortion lead to only death but psychological disorders as well. Abortion has been affecting the community as well. When doing abortion in undeveloped countries, it usually requires bunch of resources and staff time. In an undeveloped countries, they lack so much in resources which usually end up causing the women to be unhealthy. Moreover, the postabortion care usually required others to donate blood, oxygen, and surgery room. Abortion also severely affected the baby itself. First of all, it took away the baby’s right to live when they are being killed because of its mother’s wrongful decision. Not only that, unsafe abortion usually caused women to die, hence kids are being left motherless. Generally, abortion can cause the baby to live but be born with some kind of disabilities. As a result of all these reasons, abortion should be banned.
Abortion has many effects on the mother’s health. Abortions are known to be the main cause of death among women while pregnant. It is also a…

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