Abortion Is A Very Relevant Ethical Dilemma Essay examples

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Abortion is a very relevant ethical dilemma. Abortion has been a major discussion all around the world for many years. People have very good arguments to whether it is moral or not moral to have an abortion. Abortion is a huge topic of discussion this time of year because of the presidential debates. Many people will choose their candidate of choice based on this discussion alone. I will first talk about the Pro-life side to abortion. Then transition into Pro-choice. Pro-life people will argue that life technically begins at conception. Having an abortion to them is the same as murder. Abortion is no different than taking a human life. They think it should be a punishable crime. There is no civilized society in the world that allows the harm or taking the life of another human. If such a crime is done it always has punishment. Abortion should be no different. Adoption is a perfectly acceptable alternative to abortion. There are 1.5 million people in America wanting to adopt a child. There is no such thing as an unwanted child. Having an abortion can also increase the risk of complications during pregnancy later in life. Having an abortion increases the risk of miscarriages and disease later in life. There is no reason for an expecting mother to kill her child when adoption is a perfectly viable solution. Many people will argue that an abortion is necessary because of rape. There is proper medical treatments that can insure that the woman will not get pregnant after such a…

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