Abortion Is A Serious Ethical Debate Essays

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The topic of abortion is a serious ethical debate. “Abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy by surgical or medical (with drugs) means” (Vaughn 163). Abortion has become a very difficult and controversial moral issue to discuss. Women who have chosen to have an abortion have been greatly criticized. Many people question whether abortion is in fact morally permissible. Women choose to have abortions for numerous reasons. Women may choose to have an abortion if: Birth control has failed, the pregnancy was unwanted, to prevent a child with birth defects to be born, the pregnancy resulted from rape, or the woman’s health is endanger if the pregnancy continued (Abortion- Reasons). An abortion can be performed on a woman anytime during the pregnancy. During the first seven weeks of the pregnancy, drugs can be used to complete the abortion (Vaughn). The second method of abortion is the manual vacuum aspiration (Vaughn). “In this procedure, a physician expands the opening of the uterus and uses a syringe to draw out the embryo from the uterus wall” (Vaughn 165). Another method of abortion is the suction curettage (Vaughn). “A physician widens the cervix, then inserts a thin, flexible tube through it and into the uterus itself. A vacuum device attached to the other end of the tube then provides suction to empty the uterus” (Vaughn 165). The dilemma that is presented about abortion is the “personhood” of the fetus. The issue is whether the unborn baby is a person. If in…

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