Essay on Abortion Is A Human Being

700 Words Nov 7th, 2016 3 Pages
Abortion is terminating a pregnancy before the baby is born. In today’s world, whether or not abortion is murder is a very controversial topic. The disagreement, however, doesn’t come from whether or not it’s wrong to kill an innocent human being. The problem arises in determining if a fetus is a human being from conception, and if it deserves the same rights that other human beings possess. I will show that a fetus is not a human being and therefore abortion is permissible. According to Thomson, deciding if a fetus is a human being or not is too hard to do, as we wouldn’t know where to draw the line of personhood. Therefore, Thomson grants, for the sake of the remaining points to be made against abortion, that a fetus is a human being. The two main views against abortion then consist of the extreme view and the moderate view. The extreme view suggests that abortion is never permissible, even in the case of the mother’s life being endangered. The moderate view allows abortion only in where the mother’s life is in danger. All of Thomson’s arguments made for abortion being impermissible rely on the fact that a fetus is a human being. First, Warren points out that it is possible to draw the line of personhood, and lists the criteria needed to do so. Personhood is made up of consciousness, reasoning, self-motivated activity, being capable of communication, and self-awareness. However, it is pointed out that the minimum a being would need of these 5 to be considered a human…

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