Abortion And Psychopathology : Is Abortion Very Interesting And Mind Stimulating

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The hypotheticals are very interesting and mind stimulating. It is interesting to explore how these situations relate to the biomedical principles. Principles such as the respect for autonomy and beneficence are especially important in all of the hypothetical situations. The common theme in all of these hypothetical situations is abortion. In this paper, I will talk about the following hypotheticals: Abortion and Psychopathology, Sterilization of an Economically Deprived Woman and Hypothetical Number Two.
In the hypothetical titled “Abortion and Psychopathology,” it is totally understandable as to why Dr. Victor Ripley seemed to be pushing in regard to his research. When conducting research, the researcher has to have a stand, or at least have an idea where they are going with their research. There seems to be an increasing number of teen pregnancies, which is becoming problematic for not only the parents of these young girls but also society, specifically in the Western Society. One student made a comment in regards to boys being involved in these situations and I thought it was a great point. I just feel that when it comes to premature relationships, parents should have more control over boys than girls. Yes, there are some instances where the girl asks the boy out, but there is a higher chance that the boys are going after the girls. Therefore, the parents should control their boys more than their girls. Personally, I don’t believe in sex before marriage, but that is…

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