Abortion : A Controversial Subject Essay

1004 Words Jul 20th, 2016 null Page
Abortion Abortion in such a controversial subject in todays society. An abortion is a procedure that terminates an unintended pregnancy. Many women in this world get pregnant and then decide they no longer want a baby and decide to abort him or her. Many people in todays society question when life begins. The life of a baby begins at conception when the egg is fertilized, or when the sperm and ovum meet to form a cell. I am against abortion, and I believe when a women becomes pregnant, the baby has a purpose in life. A child should be protected before and after birth. Also, abortion should be illegal in every state, and there should be laws protecting the voice of and unborn, innocent baby. Abortion is wrong in multiply aspects of life because it offends God, it is unsafe, it kills an innocent baby, and it avoids responsibility. Having the ability to become pregnant is a precious gift given from God. God plans for a woman to give birth to a baby for a certain reason wether it is to better a lifestyle or to just simply bring happiness. There is a purpose for every individual he places on this earth. God creates life, and to kill the life that he created is very sinful. Many people in this world try, wish, and pray everyday that they can become a parent to a child; meanwhile, there are women having sex, getting pregnant, and getting abortions day to day. God sends children into this world to be loved and cherished, and to bring joy to a persons life. When a woman decides…

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