Abortion And Pro-Life

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Abortion is a very popular topic in today 's world. Abortion is defined as a removal of a fetus or embryo from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy. In today 's world there are two side to the topic. We have pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-choice is supporting legalization of abortion and Pro-life is against legalization of abortion. Pro-life believes human life begin at conception and that a fetus life is more important than a woman 's right to kill a baby. The pro-choice believe that women’s rights are more important than a fetus life. The pro-life is fighting to save babies that don 't get a chance to say whether they live or die. In America 43% of women have an abortion at some point in their lifetime. Abortion causes more than just the …show more content…
In this case the sides would be pro-life and pro-choice. When looking at abortion pro-choice would say that abortion is not murder that the woman have a right to make a choice and kill a child. That should not be right. Why should they get to make the choice to kill a innocent child? Do murderers get to choose to walk free or to spend time in prison? No they do not get that choice so why do woman get a choice to kill their babies or to let them live. There are many options instead of killing a child. You have adoption and many different type of adoption at that. When women get pregnant they already how it works and how to stop from getting pregnant and even if they don 't want the baby there are many different options. Pro-choice does have a good argument that women should not have to be forced to raise a child but no one is forcing you to and that is what the pro-choice forget to see. When someone get pregnant whether is is a good situation or a bad situation there is always a way to fix it and that is by not harming a woman or the baby. No one is going to be forced to bear a child but that does not mean kill it. There are so many people in the world that struggle to have children if a women does not want the burden of a child there are other who would love to help them. A child should never be killed because it was a burden because someone out in the world would love to have that child and help raise it the best they …show more content…
When you hear abortion the first thing that comes to people 's mind is the innocent babies being killed but that is not all. There is more to an abortion than that. The fact that the mother for the rest of her life could hurt and be in pain for something that she thought would not hurt her did. The things that happen due to abortions like family disowning their children due to religion and women suffering from mental and physical problems. We as people don 't understand what that baby feels or how anyone feels due abortion. We could change that though if we make abortion illegal then no one has to go through the pain of making a hard decision and killing their baby because they can 't take care of them or don 't want to burden themselves. We have other options. If abortion was illegal it would stop protest and increase population. Abortion needs to come illegal because it would help just more than the women not having so many medical problems it could help people that want kids and can 't have them. If abortion was illegal then people that can 't have children would get a chance to have a kid and be happy. There are so many people looking for children so that their family can be filled and not have a empty hole. We need to help them and stop hurting ourselves by killing the babies and instead give the babies a chance. We are all human and would love a second chance

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