Aboriginal Australians And Indigenous Australians Essay

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The Torres Strait Islander; Aboriginal Australians who were considered to be the first people inhabitating in Australia before any other group of people dated around 40000 years ago [citation needed].Though Aboriginal Australians were the first people residing in Australia they had to face difficulties regarding their socio-cultural aspects, Cultural aspects, Health aspects and there has been a threat to their existence too. They were supposedly living on their own by showing their hunting skill and searching to feed themselves and their family. But after the sudden colonization of British government they were forcefully living under the government rules and regulations despite being the first Australians residing on the land. After colonization in around the 18th-19th century they were forced to adapt themselves in western culture that severely affected the traditional aspects and even their existence. Series of case studies, surveys, as well as debates were held exploring the life aspects of indigenous Australians. Some case studies were performed regarding the health issues of their community. Aboriginal Australians faced racism that affected their health condition and it became really difficult to tackle at some point of time. When it comes to health problem a research shows that the life expectancy of aboriginal Australians is 20 years younger then that of that of other peoples in Australia. The Aboriginal were facing the financial issues as well that lead them to…

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