Daily Exercise Benefits

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Kaylyn Lusardi
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How Daily Exercise Can Benefit You

How often do you exercise? I exercise almost every day at various levels of intensity. Some days I lift weights and some days I focus more on push-ups and sit-ups. If you do not spend much time exercising, then you should seriously start. Do you want to know why? Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress, to maintain a healthy weight, to strengthen your bones and muscles, and can help prevent diseases such as diabetes and can lower your risk for heart attacks. If these are not some good reasons to start exercising, then nothing is.
Exercise can help you prevent stress by causing you to become relaxed. When you are exercising, you focus on what you are doing and you spend less time worrying about the day’s events. You can also relieve stress by thinking about the things that are worrying you. For example, say you are arguing with a friend. Take a
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If you burn more calories than you consume, it will help you lose weight. Dieting and daily exercise are both important factors in weight loss. It causes you to have lean and toned muscles and can help prevent arthritis in the joints. Some might argue that exercise can cause muscle sprains and tears, along with other injuries. However, if you are careful and exercise properly then you should not have an issue with injuries. For example, if you are weightlifting you need to make sure to keep your back straight and lift with your whole body, not your back. If you are following the directions and paying attention, then you should be able to avoid sprains and tears. If you want to keep your bones and muscles healthy, then you should make sure to get an adequate amount of exercise in each

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