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Americanprogress.org is a website that informs its users of the ongoing changes in American society. It has a substantial amount of intriguing and informative articles an “issues” tab with over 20 focuses of interest ranging from Civil Liberties, Education, Immigration, Poverty, and Women. The serious nature of the content on the website is definitely great in addition it is not presented in a way that would inhibit younger audiences. What was most surprising is that even the simplistic set-up and lay-out of the site does not hinder interest and how it makes you want to click on the content provided with what seems to be little effort.
The website is smooth and fast having none of the large amounts of random advertisement slowing the pages down that other websites may have, not a lot of color just blue and white, with four thumbnails in the upper right corner of the websites Americanprogress.org has profile pages on; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and its own link. But, even with its lack of detail the website is not visually unappealing the home page has many interesting current event articles in neat order. Moreover, it is easy to navigate on the website a not a dull moment with headlining areas such as the Projects tab and the Experts tab. The Projects tab allows users to see what current social and political movements the website currently supports and provides information on how they can also get involved. The Experts tab has a list of American Progress certified expert…

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