A Trip At The Beach Essay examples

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Early one Sunday morning, my father announced that my sister and I were going on a surprise field trip. Knowing that my father and I didn 't share similar interests imminently I started spluttering out the reasons why I couldn’t go. "I have Homework! Chores! Prior-Plans!" I used any excuse that I could think of. Nevertheless, after an hour of arguing, the three of us had all crammed into the car and the surprise field trip had begun.
The first part of the trip my sister spent nagging my father to tell us where we were going. She was relentless, but so was he. Every time she asked the same question, she would get the same answer. “You will see” my dad would repeat. Finally, in defeat, my sister concluded that we were all on our way to the beach and fell asleep. Unfortunately, I knew better. My father only went to the beach to fish, and in our small car, fishing poles would have been impossible to hide. As my eyes slowly drifted shut, I also wondered where my father was bringing us, and why he was being so secretive about it.
I woke up to my father and sister screaming along to the radio, outside, cornfields had replaced civilization. “We’re close!” my father cheered, my sister and I discreetly passed worried looks at each other. A couple miles later my father pulled off onto a gravel side road and announced that we had reached our destination. Immediately, I understood why my father had made the trip a secret. If I had known my Sunday was going to be spent an American…

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