A Torturous Debate On Torture Essay

1554 Words Dec 12th, 2014 null Page
A Torturous Debate You never hear about it, but there is torture is all over the world. Whether it be torture, abuse or degrading treatment. Torture is something that should be taken seriously and not lightly. It is something far more serious than people take for granted. There are cases around the world that we could do something about but no one seems to notice. Did you ever think no one notices because we put people in authority who claim it doesn’t exist? Maybe it does exist but we never see it because of all these people in places of high authority claiming that it’s not there when really it is. And if we do not know what is going on we can’t do anything to make it all stop. Now, how about we go into depths about the different kinds of torture and cruel degrading treatment. I bet everyone would want to know, what is torture? Torture is the act of deliberately hurting someone and inflicting physical or mental pain on them. Pain can also be a response of human intention, and so it should be taken out of the human interaction altogether. Like in jails, they use the infliction of pain to get answers out of people. But the problem being, torture is wrong, and also you never know if they are telling the truth. From the infliction of pain, anyone could admit to the craziest things as long as the torture would cease. They would even tell the most bogus lies. There are many people who have showed signs of torture and that the inflictors should be punished appropriately. Anyone…

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