A Teacher Can Make An English Language Learners Essay

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A twelve-year old girl sits in the classroom; the buzz of many voices whirls around her and a feeling of helplessness and confusion overwhelms her. Everywhere she looks, she sees words written that she cannot read and hears words spoken that she cannot understand. She wants to connect to the people around her and make new friends, but she cannot communicate her thoughts out loud. This girl is experiencing life as an English language learner, who has recently immigrated to America. There are millions of such students in the United States at this very moment, and many of them feel completely lost and confused in their new classroom environment. These students often struggle with feeling out of place in their classroom. Many of these students also fall behind in their education due to the struggle to understand a completely new language. What can teachers do to help these students feel welcome in the classroom and overcome the struggles they experience because of the language barrier? One of the simplest ways a teacher can make an English language learners transition into both a new culture and a new classroom easier is by making their classroom as welcoming and inviting as possible. In order to fully understand how to help English language learners navigate the transition into a new culture and classroom, teachers need to understand the feelings and emotions these kids are experiencing. In an article entitled “Creating a Welcoming Classroom Environment,” several stages of…

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