A Successful Business Is Investing A Strong And Effective Human Resource Management

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McDonald, Payne & Frow (2011) argue that the first step to a successful business is investing in a strong and effective Human resource management. Huawei has been able to achieve this by emphasizing on a competitive recruitment process for highly qualified employees (McGrath, 2013). Also, internal market audit is important in helping to identify customers’ needs through proper monitoring of the company’s operations and supply chain management (Mcloughlin & Aaker, 2010). Huawei’s strong financial muscle works to the company’s advantage enables it to produce economically viable products (McDonald, Payne & Frow, 2011). Huawei has also increased its manufacturing and shipments locally and internationally (Gibbs & Humphries, 2009). Therefore, the audit process is vital because it helps the business manage its supply chain management activities to ensure the profitability of the company is maintained at all times. Good company image is important for the survival of an organization. Huawei has successfully achieved this by engaging the management in a comprehensive internal marketing audit process aimed at publicizing the company mission statement, promoting corporate culture, increasing profitability to attract investment and innovation to improve product efficiency (Gibbs & Humphries, 2009). For instance, the April launching of Huawei smartphones P9 and P9 plus in London were landmark attempts by Huawei to improve on its technological products by making them more competitive…

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