A Study On The Roaring Dragon Hotel Essay

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This case study focusses on the Roaring dragon hotel which was a 3 star hotel highly regarded in the region of south west china. It was started in early 1950’s and it enjoyed a very long, colorful legacy of more than 50 years as a premium hotel. It was a state possessed endeavor. By year 2000, hotel’s popularity was on a verge of decline and there was a loss in business. In order to generate profits, provincial government decided to expand and modernize the hotel in order to retrieve the hotel’s potential. They identified Hotel international(HI) for this job. As soon as the modernization responsibilities were taken over by hotel international, there was lot of chaos and problems at Roaring dragon hotel during the execution of the modernization plan. So, there are few strategies that I thought I would recommend which I think would have helped make the modernization plan more successful.
Roaring Dragon hotel had a good reputation since early 1950’s in that particular region. It was located in the region where Gaunxi culture is pre-dominant. Gaunt can be termed as a cultural phenomenon for businesses in China. With a goal and mission to modernize and improve the business, they brought in Hotel International (HI) for renovation in 2001 and made plans to expand its facilities in order to convert it to a 5 star hotel.

The modernization plan was not well thought of and well planned which caused lot of chaos and problems. As soon as the…

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