A Study On Radha Madhav Dham Essay

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Radha Madhav Dham is one of the largest Hindu temples in the United States. Located near Austin, Texas, it spans 35,000 feet and is five stories tall. The temple is noted for its architectural beauty and the significance of said architecture in relation to the art and the doctrine of Hinduism. Hindu temples are designed to represent central beliefs, this is shown by their symmetrical style. Before entering the temple, you’re greeted by four main pillars in front of the central doorway. These four pillars could represent the four important fundamental concepts which are: the belief in the divinity of scripture (Vedas), belief in the Eternal Soul (Brahman), Belief in Rebirth or Reincarnation, and the belief in spiritual law of cause and effect (Karma). However, they could also symbolize the four goals promoted by Hinduism: Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. These are the four objectives that man should pursue in order to become their Supreme Self. Dharma is a person’s level of righteousness and their duties in life, Artha is wealth, Kama is desire, and Moksha is liberation. The former four foundations tend to vary somewhat by name, however, the basic principle is the same. Karma is literally translated as “act”. It is essentially the universal cause and effect that controls all life. While man is still able to act freely, the sum of their actions and the reactions will dictate life after their death on earth. The belief in the divinity of the scripture is self-explanatory.…

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