A Study On Protein Synthesis Essay

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It was time to depart. The engines had been warmed up, the supplies were ready and the equipment had been installed and was ready to use. “Five, four, three, two, one, BLAST-Off” chanted Captain Xerox at headquarters, and with that our micro-V96 craft was propelled towards the cell membrane for the first leg of our journey to investigate the process of Protein Synthesis in a eukaryotic animal cell. The cell membrane is a delicate wall of phospholipid molecules, consisting of hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails that swayed and looked like a mosaic. Our craft could not enter the cell directly through the semi-permeable membrane as it consisted of a negatively charged polysaccharide which was too large and was moving against the concentration gradient. “Hurry up Yasmin” yelled Captain Xerox through my earpiece. “There is a carrier protein embedded in the cell membrane not far from here that will allow you to enter the cell membrane through active transport. You’d better hurry as there is a similar molecule that is also trying to get into the cell that might beat you to the protein channel. “Go Yasmin Go!” I stepped on the accelerator, speeding into the distance, and just in time I travelled through the protein channel and into the cytoplasm. That was a close one! We were into the cell at last.
The first thing that we were confronted by was an aqueous substance known as the cytoplasm that filled the space between all the organelles. First stop was the mitochondria, the…

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