Essay on A Study On Pediatric Clinical

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During my Pediatric clinical, I had the pleasure of assisting with the care of a nine year old female. Her primary reason for hospitalization was hyperthermia, nausea and vomiting. However, the primary reason for the hyperthermia, nausea and vomiting, was still unknown on the day of my clinical. Diabetes mellitus was the only diagnosis in her family history. The patient did not have any known diseases and the doctors following her case had ran multiple diagnostic test that did not show any evidence toward a diagnosis. Her illness did not appear to be bacterial or viral. Within the first hour of my clinical day, I was able to observe an echocardiography on the patient I followed. The echocardiography technician who performed the test, was kind enough to explain the images on the screen and what exactly he was looking for to take a picture of. He also included the young female patient when explaining the images and used terminology aimed toward her age group. The technician used a Doppler ultrasound to obtain information on the heart such as, the size and shape, the cardiac output, ejection fraction, diastolic function, and an assessment on the blood flow through the heart. I found the echocardiography to be interesting because I have only seen one other echocardiography in a previous clinical and that technician did not explain the process and what was being shown on the screen as well as this technician did. The echocardiography done on the young patient I followed…

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