A Study On My Educational Goals Essay

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From the office, one can look out the big rectangular window and see the city life. A black desk sits to the left, with a yellow folder ready to be opened to help some issue be resolved. Two people, a female in a white shirt and black pants and the male with a gray suit on, they are walking toward the file, to join the case and help families with difficult situation in their household. They walking through their home and speaking to those in the household. Writing information down to figure out how to help the family with their needs to be happier. With the help of The Valencia Foundation I get to help parents and children in need of a better life.
My educational goals are to graduate from Valencia by the summer 2018 with an AA degree and a GPA of 2.5 in each of my social science classes. This challenge may seem a bit stressful but I know that once I put my mind to It, if it is something I truly want to achieve, I will. Everything is possible if I am motivated to it. I want to achieve a great GPA so that when I transfer into UCF my motivation and achievements are clear. When attending UCF, I will be studying my heart out becoming a Social Worker. I am looking forward to taking many of their classes such as Human Behavior and the Social Environment. I want to learn more about how people behave and why. We are not all the same, and that’s what makes us unique. I am also excited to join the “Hearts for the Homeless Orlando” organization at UFC to help those in my community that…

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