A Study On Malaysian Generation Y Essay

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In Malaysia, generation Y is also used to refer to people who were born after 1980 and in 2009, they constituted of 27% of the population. This population has grown and currently, they make up 40% of the Malaysian workforce (Jalil et al. 138). At the workplace, the Malaysian generation Y are considered to be more cooperative, confident, and optimistic about the future, fast learners, and dislike inflexible work schedules and rigid policies compared to baby boomers (Jalil et al. 138). Studies have shown that by 2020, generation Y would make up between 26% and 30% of the global market.
While there is little research regarding Malaysian generation Y working for multinationals, the study by Jalil et al. examined the individual features and job performance of generation Y working for SMEs in Malaysia. In this study, Jalil et al. proposed several individual characteristics of Malaysian generation Y. Accordingly, Jalil et al. suggested that Malaysian generation Y would prefer working for companies that offer facilities for physical activities. Due to increasing demands in the workplace, generation Y are attracted to organizations that can offer them fitness facilities to help them cope with work-related stress as well as increase job productivity (Jalil et al. 139). The same study also reported that Malaysian generation Y enjoy working using technology, particularly computers as they consider them necessary in facilitating communication, information storage and work efficiency.…

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