A Study On Higher Institution Support System Mechanism Being Applied By Newham University College

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1. Statement of the problem
While more black adult women are returning to higher institution to acquire qualification to seek better employment opportunities and others seeking for personal gain, there has not been active support for, and encouragement giving to young students as to this same group.
It is imperative to study how higher institution support system is being used in support of black adult women in their study. Newham University College is used as setting because of its significant role in providing courses that enhance the job prospect and, also I am familiar with the college environment being student there.
The research question is:
(i)What is the extent of adoption of support system mechanism being applied by Newham University College (NUC) in support of Black Adult women students who are more likely to fail their course of study or to withdraw from them on academic grounds, and (ii) those adult students who do manage to complete their courses should not show poorer academic performance during courses and poorer academic attainment.
2. Literature review
It is problematic to consider the position of adult students alongside issues of gender and culture. Although the majority of adult students are women (Lenz & Shaevitz,1997), adult students are not typically underachievers from either ethnic minority or lower social -status group as proposed, for instance by Hopper and Osborn (1975). Indeed, Woodley et al (1987) found that many adult students had left…

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