Essay about A Study On Children Of Friends

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While considering this assignment, I struggled to think of a child in my life or the life of those close to me who fit the description required for the case study. Children I know through work seemed inappropriate; I was too close to them to look at their situations objectively. Children of friends also seemed out of the question because I know that developmental disabilities, even when discussed professionally, can be a touchy subject. For friends and neighbors of mine whose children are affected, every day is filled with worry about their futures. I knew that asking invasive questions about what, precisely, their child was going through or had gone through would only cause more stress. As I mentioned this to a friend over coffee, she suggested that I interview the parents of a child who has severe ADHD and is preparing to finish the sixth grade within the next two months, but who had switched to a different school last year. She told me she knew the family and they would love to help because the switching to a school that took more time with their son had completely changed their lives. Initially, I brushed off the idea as I was hyper-focused on interviewing the family and caretakers of someone who was younger or who had a more constant story. Further, after my friend told me that his disabilities had lessened their impact on his life dramatically when he switched schools, I was unsure that he was a relevant enough candidate. Gradually, though, I had a realization: What…

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