Reflective Study Of Social Psychology

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During this spring semester, I have to help Katie for her Attitudes toward Education II study. However, I will continue to run participants for this study for next semester. Because of that, I am not allowed to know the hypotheses for this study. It is because; it is important for the RAs that work and handle the study to not know the hypotheses to prevent any biases, such as confirmation bias and so forth. But, I am really interested in Elise’s study about the hiring decision. The research question of this study is to find out whether the exposure to bias can affect peoples’ ability to learn and to transfer it to a new context. The hypothesis for this study is, people who were exposed to direct bias (the manager show obvious bias) will do …show more content…
One of the things that I learn about myself is that I am really interested in doing research because I think that it is fun and I really enjoyed running participants and do the coding. I learnt a lot in this lab. Even though it was hectic sometimes, but I am still very happy because gaining more knowledge of something that really interests me will never bore me. I also think that my decision to choose social psychology lab is really a good idea because social psychology is really an area of psychology that I am really interested in and want to learn more about it. Plus, this lab really suits me because I am really interested in learning more about stereotype and …show more content…
All of these are the reasons on why I really love this lab. The best part of working in the lab this semester is all the people that I am working with. I have friends that also taking lab and become research assistant, but they always complaint to me that their coworkers/lab mates are not friendly at all and it is hard for them to communicate. I am so happy because I am surrounded with people that are very positive, high-spirited, intelligent and fun to be with. We also have lots of diversity in our lab, which is so fun.

7) What was the worst part of working in the lab this semester?
The worst part of working in the lab this semester is the fact that I have to work 5 hours straight on Thursday. I feel a little bit tired because I have three lectures straight before the lab hours. I am not blaming this lab for this, but I am scared and worried if I did not perform well/handle the participants well because of this. However, I already feel used to it and I can keep focus on doing the tasks assigned to me.

8) What are 1-3 suggestions for how things can be improved next

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