Essay about A Study On Animal Science

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Animal Science will open an opportunity for me to widen my horizon in learning about large, and small animals. When I first applied to Texas A&M I was devastated that I did not get in, but when I thought about it, I was going up against thousands of teenagers just like me. Therefore, I chose the road more or less traveled to a community college to get my basics and eventually transfer. Therefore I kept my head held high, and continued toward my goal. I chose animal science major, because this department offers an array of options to choose from. I believe that these options will help educate me and give me the experience I need to become a doctor in veterinary medicine.
My freshman year was great, I had wonderful professors that pushed me to flourish academically. I was prepared, but when it was time to take my harder courses, I buckled down and got down to business. College is nothing like high school, and I knew that, but that semester was a nice wake up call to be on my game and not to procrastinate, because that does not get you anywhere. I feel that when you continue to stay on track and study hard it will truly pay off. I then chose to take a summer class that was also a rude awakening, because the course of a semester was crammed all into a matter of three to four weeks, and I wasn’t prepared for what was to come. In this class we had quizzes every day and tests every week, and I caught on fast to be prepared for the next day, and study the material. From this…

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