Essay on A Study Of The Nature Of God Or Religious Belief

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My Theology Theology is the study of the nature of God or religious belief. I did not know what Theology was until freshmen year of college when I found out that it is a required course I have to take to graduate. Though I have found out that through going church, college, and Bible studies with my friends that I study God every time I read the Bible. I have studied the nature of God and how he relates to the world, but never have I thought of it has being theological. My parents introduced me to church at a young age. I have gone to church almost every Sunday since I was a baby. My home environment has not furthered my knowledge of God, besides for going to church. The family I grew up never acts or practices Christianity. My exposure has purely come from youth group, church, school, and my friend. The one person who has influenced me is my youth leader at my home church. He was an Indiana Wesleyan University student at the time, and showed me what a relationship with God is and could be. My youth pastor did many lessons on how God could not only effect my life but others around. Even though my parents have not furthered my faith, I am blessed to have been exposed to a church environment. Bethel Friends is my home church and it is of the Quaker denomination. I remember one bible study where my youth leader taught us about the different denominations. I learned how each denomination is different, but all believe in Jesus Christ who died for our sins so we could all be…

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