College Admissions Essay: How Christianity Changed My Life

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For me, I have grown up with Christianity. Ever since I was born I have been in raised in church. The church I attended while growing up was great. It was a small church plant and we moved around a lot. My story starts with Sunday school and my hatred for it. It then moves to Good News Club which would make the biggest impact on my life. Then it moves to high school youth group and college.
My earliest memory of church was when we met above the thrift store in town. As the church began to grow, we moved different places. When I was around 2nd or 3rd grade my parents decided I needed to go to Sunday school. This did not go over very well. I hated being away from my parents at church. For whatever reason I never felt “at home” at church. I always felt awkward and almost scared. This is partly because I knew no one my age there, just a
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I was able to act excited about it, but inside I could really care less about. I really enjoyed the theology classes I was taking. Even though they were basic and I knew most of things, I enjoyed them so much and the professors were so passionate about theology. I did not make it very far on my path towards becoming a teacher before I had a rough time. The education program required a lot of math classes. I took two of them and tried, but was not able to pass with the C+ I needed. Another bump in the road was the ACT. In order to get into the education program, you needed to have a 22 on the ACT. I had tried the ACT a few times in high school and did not do so well. I went to a ton of practice classes and studied a lot. When I took the ACT in the summer, I got a 21. I was so upset because I could not get into the education program. I was very upset and finally surrendered my future to God and asked for guidance. I decided I would do theology and CHML because it would help me in a future career serving God as well as I enjoyed the theology classes I had

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