A Student 's Impact On Student Achievement Essay

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A student has struggled in school for years. As hard as she has tried, she just can not understand the lessons. No teacher has ever taken to time to personally be sure that she genuinely understands and wants to learn. Then comes a new year and a new teacher. The number of times students come home from school with complaints about their teachers being rude, bitter, or simply not caring is insurmountable. These students need a new kind of teacher. They need a teacher who takes the time to work with each student and takes the time to approach lessons differently for the benefit of the students. It has been shown that “the quality of the teachers in our schools is paramount: no other measured aspect of schools is nearly as important in determining student achievement” (Hanushek 1). On an average week, students spend seven hours, five days a week for nine months a school year. While there are multiple contributing factors in the outcome of a young person’s life, the quality of a teacher is crucial to the success of a student. Teachers inspire students in both their everyday lives and in their future educational and career aspirations for long after they leave the teacher’s classroom. Topics that can influence a student’s well being and performance level in the classroom have all been tested. Author Eric A. Hanushek discusses “the initiatives we have emphasized in policy discussions—class-size reduction, curriculum revamping, reorganization of school schedule, investment in…

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