Essay on A Student 's High School Career

1602 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
With state testing and college prep, there are too many things to worry about for a student’s high school career. GPA is most important number out of most high school student’s pocket. It will reflect how easy it will be for the student to go to college, get scholarships or full/partial rides, and how they are perceived as a student. This number sets up a student’s whole life, so shouldn’t all the school’s effort be in making this the highest number possible? One of the most detrimental things to this effort is Sports. Sports can distract from education, have high physical and mental risks on athletes, and can take way from all student and staff time and activities. When participating in sports, games can make students miss class because of travel, warm up, and game time. This takes away precious class time that would be used to teach new important material as well as taking afterschool time that is used for extra help and homework. Showing up to class every day allows students to fully participate in class activities and absorb the maximum amount of knowledge. Teachers expect all students to be there every day (other than the occasional absent) so they set up their lessons with this in mind. Teachers aren’t always available before and after school to reteach lessons as well as most sports practices start right after school so athletes wouldn’t have access to those tools. Coaches will also have strict attendance protocol where if an athlete misses a certain amount of…

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