A Student 's Determination, Discipline, And Social Priorities

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From a young age, people learn the importance of structure to succeed. As early as kindergarten, schools teach students how to build healthy habits, such as organization skills, time management, and commitment to thoroughly completing tasks to the best of their ability. The quality of being organized sets the foundation for success. The motto “give it the old college try” is commonly used when referring to the amount of effort and willpower required to succeed in college. Some students put forth the effort in order to earn A’s. The “F” student is only separated from the “A” student by a difference in motivation, discipline, and social priorities. Every student has free access to the library, available course material, and additional tutoring or guidance; choosing to use those resources demonstrates the “A” student’s commitment to the “old college try.” Given equal intelligence and similar skill sets, a student’s motivation, discipline, and social priorities are the most important factors in determining success.
Achievers reach success by being motivated and meticulous with their education. Achievers have a realist outlook and understand the concept of consequences. These students also understand the importance of organization and attention to detail. Students who have the ability to fine tune these skills and motivations inevitably build a solid foundation for success. This foundation comes from years of commitment to studies. Commitment comes from long-term structure…

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